Hi-Tech Supreme Mattress Only – Three Quarter


  • Introducing the Hi-Tech Supreme mattress, a revolutionary sleep solution.
  • Full foam construction, no springs, and no disturbance technology for uninterrupted sleep.
  • 80kg full turn mattress with medium-firm to firm feel.
  • Approximately 18cm in height, suitable for various bed frames.
  • Advanced foam technology provides optimal comfort and support.
  • Upgrade your sleep experience with the Hi-Tech Supreme for refreshing mornings.

Hi-Tech Supreme Mattress Only – Three Quarter

Hi-Tech Supreme Mattress Only – Three Quarter

Introducing the revolutionary mattress designed to transform your sleep experience. This innovative sleep solution features a full foam construction of 107cm, providing exceptional comfort and support without the need for traditional springs.

The mattress incorporates advanced technology to ensure minimal disturbances, allowing you and your partner to enjoy uninterrupted rest throughout the night. With its full turn design and 80kg weight, the mattress offers durability and a sturdy feel, catering to a range of sleep preferences.

Measuring approximately 18cm in height, this mattress is designed to fit various bed frames and bases while optimizing comfort. Experience a new level of sleep with this mattress that combines optimal support and cushioning.

Upgrade your sleep experience and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Discover the mattress that revolutionizes comfort and support, providing you with the ultimate sleep environment.

This Mattress is for sale at Comfy Beds – Randvaal and Comfy Beds – East Rand

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